Los aficionados de todo el mundo esperan con impaciencia este emocionante encuentro, pero los pronósticos meteorológicos sugieren que la lluvia puede afectar el partido.

India and Pakistan are set to reignite their legendary cricket rivalry at the T20 World Cup in New York on Sunday, June 9. Fans around the world eagerly anticipate this thrilling encounter, but weather forecasts suggest rain might impact the match. That being said, let us take a look at the IND vs PAK weather report. 

IND vs PAK Weather Report

The brand-new Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York will host this high-stakes game, beginning at 10:30 AM local time (8 PM IST). The latest weather predictions indicate a 40% to 50% chance of rain around the time of the toss, decreasing to 20% by 1 PM but rising again to 40% by 3 PM.

Rain is expected to play a crucial role as both teams are still adjusting to the conditions at this new venue. AccuWeather forecasts a 42% chance of precipitation on Sunday, June 9. The temperature will hover around 25 degrees Celsius with 58% humidity. Although rain may delay the toss, current forecasts suggest that fans can still look forward to some game time.

Nassau County Weather Report at glance

Time Condition Temperature Chance of Rain Wind
10 AM – 11 AM Showers 23°C 46% 21 km/h
11 AM – 12 PM Showers 23°C 44% 22 km/h
12 PM – 1 PM Showers 23°C 35% 22 km/h
1 PM – 2 PM Cloudy 24°C 20% 22 km/h
2 PM – 3 PM Partly Cloudy 25°C 40% 20 km/h

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